Mosquito guy servicing property for mosquitos and ticks
Serving Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts & Surrounding Areas


Mosquito And Tick Control Services For RI And MA

Our treatment services will help protect you and your family from the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks and the potentially deadly diseases they carry, ensuring that you will have a mosquito and tick free environment for up to 3 weeks, making it easy to start enjoying your yard again. Our effective and convenient sprays offer a solution to mosquitoes and ticks that everyone can afford.

Our Standard EPA Registered Mosquito And Tick Spraying Service

A licensed technician will come to your property 8 times throughout the mosquito season, May –October, and apply our EPA registered standard product which will provide a mosquito and tick free area for up to 21 days. The spray is odorless, transparent, and dries within 30 min. This application is up to 90% effective.

For Those Looking For A Non-Synthetic Mosquito Treatment Option

If you prefer to avoid synthetics, we offer an all-natural solution as an alternative. While our standard product works mainly by killing adult mosquitoes, and ticks, in contrast, our Extremely Green solution is a special blend of a commercial grade garlic and other oils that works in combination of killing those pests and repelling them. These applications are approximately 80% effective.

Make Your Special Event The Focus, Not The Mosquitos!

Special Event Sprayings are an excellent solution for graduations, weddings, birthday parties or any other outdoor event where mosquitoes will be unwanted. Approximately 24-48 hours before your special event we will visit your location and apply a spray treatment to the designated areas. Our all- natural Extremely Green solution or our EPA registered standard products are applied with a backpack mist blower that mists the areas to be protected. This will ensure that you and your guests won’t be bothered by those uninvited pesky mosquitoes and can relax and enjoy the celebration – in a comfortable, pest-free environment!